A downloadable game for Windows

"What is behind the retina? Found by yourself a mysterious world."

This is the base idea of this wierd and unsettling platformer. One life, a low-res game, played in a small window, or in fullscreen (press Alt or rezise window), a bloody and gore environment, a flying / bouncing eyeball as protagonist, this game is unusual!

Credits to Ross Budgen for the music [on youtube]

Known Bugs:

  • Alt key not responding when after LVL1 >> now a feature (moves the window if of screen)
  • Game Crashes at last level (currently a way to end the game, it will soon be fixed)
  • Eyeball going trough walls
  • Eyeball spawning inside Spikes

I Hope you will have fun to play! This game is designed for windows. The game can be very hard, especially because the portal between levels is invisible. You can also sometimes "bounce" on spike. It's normal, without this the spikes would kill you by watching them. However saws are deadly!

Install instructions

There is actually an installer (the file .exe you can download). Click it and follow the steps. To Uninstall, go in the selected save folder chosen during installation, and open uninstall.exe (do uninstall assets properly).


behind-the-retina.installer.exe 3 MB


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thank you! sorry for not having replied earlier :(

UPDATE! the game no longer crashes before the end, now posses a simple start menu! (press SPACE)

added saws and a few level to the game!

working on moving saws!


Updated! added a few level, mechanics, and blood (very tricky)!

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Hello! Remember this game is WIP!